Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uni Sheep Farm...

We went to the Uni sheep farm earlier to see the shepherd + just see the farm in the light!

Theres a big shed split in half with an invisible line, then 2 small sheds and each group is treated differently and on different trials. We need to only use that groups silage, meds etc. Then have to weigh the lambs, sex, score on lambing, if needed help, if needed help to suck, score the ewe's mothering etc...

They've had an abortion problem and 1 case of Salmonella so are bigging up the Biosecurity. They took us up to Stores and ordered us big high vis jackets, and gave us waterproof trousers + steel-toe wellies. Has to be high vis 'cos of H&S apparently?!
Then we've got to get changed + leave those clothes at the farm so we don't spread it to the other farm. Its probably overkill but of it ever got passed over the Uni farm's (and probably our) name would be black!
Best be safe! :)

They don't just have a microwave ... have a kettle, fridge and hot chocolate, cup a soup etc!! :P

Me + Sian are there tomorrow night :))

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