Sunday, March 13, 2011

Off to the vets!

Delyth (from the Uni farm) rang at half 8 and said she's on the way to the vets, did I want to go with her??

Of course I did! :P
Just had to get out of bed and she picked me up and we went straight to the vets.

The ewe had twins stuck, trying to come out at the same time! One leg was coming out first.
Managed to get them out and all 3 are alive :)))

All kicking off here now though *RollsEyes*
Lamb 24 (a PHD girls trial lamb) escaped. We were looking for it everywhere, I eventually found him round the back by the bull beef sheds.

Got a Suffolk with twins that prolapsed, pushed it back in and now she can't lamb past it
... a Blue Faced Leicester that had a prolapse, put it back in + a prolapse strap on her, who is now lambing
... another triplet ewe thats lambing.

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