Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monkeyin' Around

At the Zoo again today :)

Managed to just get the bus in time to get down to town, to the station and on the train 5 mins before it left! :) Hope we can manage it every week :P

Cody was ill + had a Drs appointment this afternoon so didn't come.

Got there about 10 to 12, tidied up a few bits + swept the paths.
Then went and cleaned out one of the monkey enclosures (same place we cleaned the corridor last week). Opened the monkey house door to scare them out of the hosue into their run, then had to shut the pop-hole so they couldn't get back inside.
Had to scrape all the surfaces to get rid of poo + food + stuff, scrub them down along with all the perches and things, and them scrub the walls + clean the window.
Put some Easibed bedding down on the shelves and floor and filled their nest box in the corner with straw.
Was sooo hot in there 'cos of the heaters/radiator in there to keep the monkeys warm, and we had to lock the door behind us just incase the mokeys got in the house, as a 2nd security door ... sweating like a PIG.

We then had to carry all the muck buckets to the much hear in one of the back fields, 'cos the tractor is broken! Fed the horses + goats on the way back, and 'cos it was really muddy, John tried to grab one of the tiny little pygmy goats but she was having none of it! :P

Turns out my flatmate Angie was there with her bf! I didn't see her but she saw me and didn't come + say hello!? lol

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