Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going to the Zoo...Zoo...Zoo, For an Interview...view...view

Been to the Zoo today for an interview about Work Experience! Got up at half 7 to be ready for half 8, got to town, got our train tickets and then got the 9.30 train, 20 mins later we were there. Was about a 10 minute walk, didn't quite know where we were going but spoke to someone, said who we were (was with my friend Cody) and they said "She'll be down in a minute".

5 minutes later a lady walked out the house towards us with something on a lead...
Nillie the Lynx! She was hand reared and is only a few months old, so still has some growing to do. Jean, the boss, picked her up and we stroked her - she purred so loud! She still lives in the house at night but goes outside into her run during the day. The zoo have two 18 year old Lynx brothers who she'll eventually live with.
Jean then spoke to us; were asked what we'd done before, what animals we liked, jobs we wanted, about Uni etc, then filled in a form.

I was put with a keeper called Elaine, and we went off to do all the birds. Mixed up the feed and put them ready in their bowls. Chickens and Call ducks obv had layers and corn, Kookaburra had 2 mice and 2 chicks, then we did some african carnivorous birds, budgies, parrots, finches, 2 (eagle?) owls, peafowl. There are 2 rhea and 2 emu too, but we didn't feed those. Fed the chipmunks and a couple other little furries.
Theres loads more animals but Cody went round and did those. Snakes, tortoises, crocodile, lizards, monkeys, couple of groups of lemur, wallabies (who live with the chickens!), a porcupine.
Then the normal pigs, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and goats ... you get the idea :P
Me and Cody then went and scrubbed down all the walls and cleaned the windows in one of the monkey houses and mopped the corridor.

Was a good day, only expected to be there a couple of hours but we were there all day until 4! then got the bus back to Aber.
Its only a little place but they have some really good animals. They all seem friendly and well looked after, the only thing is it just looks tired and could do with freshening up. Bit of paint and new signs would make it a lot better, but it costs money and who am I to say that on my first day :P

Back next week! :)
We're going to go every Wednesday - finish lectures at 11 and then will go straight to the Zoo.

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