Friday, July 22, 2016

Mixed Practice at E C Straiton

I've just finished a two week placement at EC Straiton & Partners Veterinary Hospital in Penkridge and had a great time. They are about 40 mins from home but my nearest mixed (small animal, farm and equine) practice and have a great reputation so I booked the placement 18 months ago.
The hospital has 13 vets so a very busy practice, from new grads to vets who have been with the practice 37 years!
Everyone was great and made me feel really welcome. The vets would ask my opinion on cases and medicine, so whilst I wouldn't always know the answer they tried to get me to think logically and then explain why they'd use certain treatment. Of course the next time a similar patient presented, I was able to explain possible treatments, using pattern recognition.

The hospital is built around what used to be an old farm yard so it took a few days to get my bearings but the layout is great and works really well for the team.

It's been sweltering this week, pushing 33oC on Tuesday so unfortunately we had a dog come in with heat stroke which died; just goes to show the importance of not leaving dogs in hot cars, even 'just for 5 minutes'.

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