Friday, April 15, 2016

Bernie the calf

This week in Clinical Diagnostics we were each given a patient to look after for the week.
I was given Bernie, a calf from the university farm, who we did a full examination of checking his TPR (temperature, pulse, respiration), auscultating his heart, lungs, digestive tract and a neurological examination.
So he was given antibiotics, vitamins and expectorants which promote the secretion of sputum to treat his cough as we suspected a bacterial respiratory infection.

On the second day he was pretty much the same but on Wednesday he was looking much better. Temperature had come down and he wasn't coughing so hopefully the antibiotics are doing their job.
On Monday we also noticed he has swellings around the joint of his hindlimbs which had gone down by Thursday which indicates that was also a bacterial infection.

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