Sunday, November 8, 2015

Building Falconry Mews

The Falconry & Raptor Rehabilitation Club was given a bit of money from the University and we've added to it to build new mews for our rehab Little Owls and Barn Owls.
The plan is to have three 3x2 metre mews along the right hand side of the weathering area, so 9 metres in total. We collected the wood a couple of weekends ago, ordered netting online and started building with a budget of €300...

We had to move and extend the fence on the right hand side to make room for it - you can see our current mews at the back of the weathering area.
First panel built and netting added!

Foundations in ready to start building...
The birds perched out from left to right are Mrs Clarence the Kestrel, Frantiska the Harris' Hawk in the back and Duckie the Peregrine Falcon on the right.

Tom and Jerry the Little Owls are sat in their Little Owl Barn which I made from reclaimed materials:

We've ran out of money for a roof so are planning a bake sale to raise some funds and we also need three Bow Perches which I've found a maker in the Czech Republic and will buy when we have more money.

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