Sunday, October 11, 2015

I've had a really busy weekend but not really got anything done... It's been 4oC and really windy so feels even colder and its only October - can't wait for the snow!

We had a training day for new members of Falconry Club so that took up all of yesterday.
Went out for a classmates birthday but I'm not drinking until Oktoberfest and managed to resist € pizza on the walk home while everyone else got three slices!

Today we were back at Falconry fitting Frantiska's new equipment - I bought a set of anklets, flying and mews jesses and got her a new leash.
She ripped the mews jesses within two minutes of being perched outside and was about to swallow it before I ran into the weathering area and pulled it out of her mouth.
We made some new ones with thicker leather but she was still going at them so we're going to have to keep a close eye on her while she's perched out...

Took Molly and Denny the resident clinic dogs for a walk in the park then came back and watched Supervet - should really get some studying done.


  1. Hey Lewis, hoping to study Vet Med at Kosice in 2016 as a mature student, I am planning to visit the university later this year, it would be great to get some tips and info from you! :) Your blog is a gem!

    1. Hey, they're working really hard to get the new clinics and buildings finished on campus so would be good to come and see what they've done!
      Any questions feel free to ask!

  2. Thanks Lewis! I do have a few questions actually, my email is if you would like to get in touch that way? :)