Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gary is on the way to England!

Gary the kitten found on the streets back in October who was then called Gizmo and only staying for a few weeks is heading to England for summer!

I don't even particularly like cats and am allergic to them but Gaz worked his way into my heart and I couldn't give him up could I?

He was castrated and vaccinated before Christmas then I sorted his PETS Passport last month. 
I took him to the Small Animal clinic at Uni on Saturday for a final vet check and wormer and he's set to go!

I was originally planning to get a coach or train home so I could travel with him but the time and cost made it seen easier to send him with an animal courier. He was picked up from dorms on Sunday and after a brief stay with the courier he will be delivered straight to my house on Wednesday!
Can't wait to get him home!


  1. Hi Lewis,
    I'm Elisa, half English half Spanish student. I've been in London doing a work placement at ucl hospital to finish a two-year degree in Pathologycal Anatomy and Citology. I really want to go to vet school so I'm thinking about my options (neither Spain or England are viable) so I found this university and have been reading some of your posts on this blog. I would really like to ask you a few more questions, it would be really helpful! have been reading some of your posts on this blog. This is my email in case you prefer to contact through it: elisa.nicas.dean@hotmail.com


  2. Hello Lewis,

    Not sure if my last comment actually went through or not but I am in a similar boat to Elisa. I have a few questions regarding the university, some which I have managed to get answers to whilst browsing your blog. Is it possible to talk via email perhaps rather than me filling your blog comments section with loads of questions? My email address is alex_winward@hotmail.com.



  3. Hey Alex,
    Will send you an email! Cheers