Friday, February 6, 2015

Skiing in Slovakia

My coursemates and I took a break from revision today to go skiing.
Kavečany is a 10 minute bus ride from vet school dormitories so we decided to go and spend an afternoon there.

We hired our ski's, boots, poles and helmets for €13 and spent €19 on ski lift passes for 4 hours and off we went...
The view from the top of the slopes was amazing; you can see the whole of Košice in the background, on the right hand side.

There are nine ski lifts there, so nine slopes, though only three were open today.
I haven't been skiing for over 10 years after going to Courmayeur for a week with school but surprisingly I remembered how to ski and was off!
A couple of the guys hadn't been before so they had a lesson last Friday and were still learning but we tried to look after them. Ryan forgot how to stop at one point, ended up flying straight down the slope, over one fence at the bottom and through the fence behind it!
Luckily we had helmets so everyone was fine, just took a few minutes to stop laughing.

Had an amazing time and can't wait to go back again soon!

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