Friday, August 1, 2014

Unemployed again!

When I graduated last summer I had no idea what job I wanted to do so spent most of the summer travelling around Europe and working with the chickens and horses at the yard.

I applied for a job with Premier Nutrition which would have been awesome, got to the final two candidates at second interview but missed out on that.

I then got a call from Fujitsu who I worked for during the summer after my GCSE's as they needed staff at short notice and knew I was looking for a job.
We started on a 12 week temporary contract as they'd just started a new project and everything had gone wrong so they needed people to help sort out some of the issues. My team started with 20 people, went up to 150 in just a few weeks. They extended our contracts one month at a time and then since Christmas they've stopped extending contracts so more recently we're down to 11 people, so I was really lucky to be kept on for so long - 12 weeks turned in to 12 months!

At the end of last year when the problems were at their worst a few of us were working 8am-8pm, 5 days a week with some weekends just to get the volumes down. I needed the money to save for vet school and they needed the overtime hours so I was happy to put the work in and they gave me a promotion so I've been a mini Team Leader and deputize for our TL when she's out the office.

Anyway, I handed my notice in when I got my offer and finished work on Thursday; they got me a Sheep cake and we ordered £75 worth of Dominos - best day ever!
I even got a card from the client we've been working with in Leeds signed by all the people in the office, which really surprised me as 140 people other people have left over the last few months and no-one else has had anything. Definitely going to miss working with them!

Although an office job was something I never wanted to do I've had a really good year and worked with some really nice people. They're arranging a night out over Christmas with Birmingham and Leeds offices which should be good fun.
They've even said if I ever need work when I'm back for Christmas, Easter and next Summer that they'd be happy to have me which is really nice and if I can, I'll be back!

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