Thursday, July 3, 2014

Plenty of puppies at Willows

Had another great day at Willows Referrals today - lots of puppies!

We had a Shih Tzu type dog come in earlier who had a pregnancy scan 2 weeks ago and the vet could see what had started as a foetus but had stopped developing - the owners were really upset as they'd been to a champion stud so were hoping for a puppy for themselves.
Emma the vet said to bring her back in 2 weeks (today) to see how she was getting on and it sounded like the bitch had been carrying on with a phantom pregnancy.

They decided to do a quick ultrasound to check she'd reabsorbed the foetus and to Paul's surprise there was a live and healthy developing puppy!
It seems like she had 2, one of which was being absorbed, and they could only see the one last week. We saw the heart beating and the owners went away delighted; even though they've just got a puppy as they didn't think they'd be having their own.

We saw the cutest little Sheltie puppy come in for his first vaccines today who was only just over 1kg.
He was really shy but was brave and didn't react to his injections.

Then bounding in came a Dogue de Bordeaux jumping up all over me. His owner said straight away that he was harmless and not to worry even though he's massive and he was really nice, just covered me in slobber!

It's been a really good week and I'm amazed at the facilities and work they can do.
At first it was a bit overwhelming at how specialist some of the work is but then they are a referral centre so they will see all the specialist cases.

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