Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Acceptance Letter

It's all becoming very real now...


  1. I love you blog! Very informative.
    I am thinking of applying for vet med in Slovakia. I will also be a graduate.
    When did you apply? When is the deadline? And did you have to attend an I review before being offered a place?
    Sorry for all the questions!

    1. Hey, thanks!
      I applied at the start of May after I'd visited and found out a couple weeks later that I'd been offered a place. If you're post-BSc they'll just need your Higher Education Report, application form and CV; no interview. I think the deadline is 29th May this year.
      Any more questions just let me know!

    2. Oh thank you! It's seems so simple and too good to be true lol.
      Do you mind me asking what grade you got in university? As I can't find the entry requirements.
      And also how are you finding it there? 4 years in other country :(

    3. Yeah I got a 2:II in Animal Science, what degree did you do?
      It takes a while to get used to things here, living 1000 miles away from home, but everyone is really nice and the older years are really supportive. Dorms are really cheap as are flights (cheapest has been €8!) so I was able to go home for 5 days in the middle of last semester and a month for Christmas so it's not too bad

  2. I'm doing bioveterinary science. I will finish in June. I've sent my transcript and CV to them just waiting for a reply.
    It seems like you have a lot of exams though. Are they all oral exams? Even the end of year exams?
    I see you do Latin and Slovak. Do you have to take Slovak as part of the course or are languages optional?

    1. I know the Foreign Office are busy sorting exams and timetables but shouldn't take long for them to reply.
      We have weekly oral credit tests in Anatomy and written credits every 5ish weeks in Histology and Physiology. All Finals have been oral so far and you soon get used to it.
      We have to do 1 semester of Latin to help with Anatomy and Slovak as we'll be living here for 4 years so useful to know basics!