Sunday, May 25, 2014

University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia

I guess that now I've been accepted I should probably post a bit more about the vet school I could be spending the next 4 years of my life at!

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy is in in Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia - behind Bratislava, the capital.
I was born and raised in Birmingham, England's second city but Kosice is ever so slightly different!

They offer a 6 year course for A-level leavers who have to do an entrance exam as well as a graduate entry 4 year post-BSc course for animal or science related degree schemes. The courses are ran in either Slovak or English so I'll be with lots of other English speaking international students from all over the world.

At the end of it we end up with a DVM qualification; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
The course is fully accredited and allows you to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the same as all the UK universities, which means I can practice in the UK and the EU.
It's also accredited by EAEVE, European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education, which Martin from the Uni explained when we visited, the same as the UK vet schools.

Tuition fees are €7,500 a year (around £6,100 with current exchange rate) compared with £9,000-£26,500 per year studying in the UK.
Taking the cheaper UK universities at £9,000 for 5 years would mean £45,000 compared with ~£24,400 for 4 years in Kosice; if I was to compare with £26,500 its a difference of £108,100...

Accommodation in dorms is €120 a month during term time and half price during summer months which averages out at €100 a month over the year and equates to £80 a month. I paid £80 a week to live in Aberystwyth and have friends who pay £140 a week in Manchester and London!
The cost of living is comparable with food being a lot cheaper but other items like toiletries being slightly more expensive than the UK.

I was worried about potential employment after studying abroad but having spoken to a few vets, they don't see it as an issue. One of the vets where I saw practice in Aberystwyth studied in Budapest and the more senior vets I spoke to said they were impressed with how practical the course seemed to be. As long as the course is accredited I will be fine and as more and more students are looking abroad for their studies, the prospects can only get better.

The way I see it is living and studying abroad can only be a good thing and rounds you as a person. When else may I get the opportunity to move away and live in another country without ties of a mortgage or family?


  1. Hi I'm looking into this uni for veterinary. Would you recommend it? And if so should I come and visit and also what are the entrance exams like?

    1. Hey Sam, yeah I'd definitely recommend studying here, the University run Open Days which would be worth attending to come and see the university and speak to international students.
      I'm on the 4 year post-BSc course so didn't have to do the entrance exam but I hear it's fine if you've done A Levels

  2. Hi this is a really helpful blog post. I have a question though, would having a biomedical engineering Bsc qualify me for the 4 year program?

    1. Hey, the entry requirements are all on their website ( or just send the Foreign Office an email and they'll be able to help

  3. Hi Lewis,

    I was wondering if you could help me. I am debating applying for the BSc 4 year program. Do you enjoy the city and is the course what you expected. I am looking at doing the 4 year course as I already have a first class degree. Do they look at your A-levels critically after your degree or not? It also states you have till the 31st of May, is that right? Im guessing it is different to UCAS?

    Many thanks

    1. Hey, yeah I love it out here and enjoy the course. It's really practical and I like the way they do exams out here.
      No they look at BSc over A Levels - not sure on dates for application, would have to email the Foreign Office