Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Transition Cow System Developer Interview

I applied for a job with AB Agri last week and have just heard that I have an interview!

The job title is Transitional Cow System Developer and from what I've gathered it means driving round various dairy farms to look at nutrition, body scoring and other data collection to pass on to the nutritionists. Transitional cows are defined as the period of 3 weeks before she calves through to the three weeks after calving.

It sounds very similar to the research work we did on the uni farm, only with Dairy cows and it would be working on UK wide farms!
The job is well paid, includes a company vehicle as I could be in Devon one day and Durham the next so would be really exciting.

Premier Nutrition are a massive company so even though its only a 12 month contract there could be an extension or scope for other work after that.
Anyway, I've just been to have my hair cut and the suit is ready for tomorrow morning!

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