Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teaching a new inexperienced lamber

Sophie my friend and flatmate has never been Lambing before and so have been teaching her how to lamb!

This was a Welsh Mule twin who I think had already had her first lamb. She took about half an hour to have the next lamb so we turned her over and checked that everything is alright.
It depends on the farm and the farmer as to how you'd go about things next - sometimes the farmer will see how the ewes go but Richard would rather we intervened and pulled every lamb so that there aren't any problems with the birth.

Sophie checked the lamb was coming in a diving position - 2 legs pointing forwards and a nose following along behind.
They were so she pulled the 2 legs with contractions...
...until they extended, were both out and the nose was nearly out of the vagina...
...and pull!
A mahoosive lamb!
It's covered in yellow Meconium which shows that the lamb was stressed - we were right to intervene and pull it as it was obviously distressed in the womb.

Deio the New Zealand Huntaway dog!

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