Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Obsessed with hatching!

I've gone from broody to obsessed!

I thought about setting a few quail eggs in my incy at Uni, got a bit carried away and bought 40 eggs from a breeder and another 36 from the Organic shop on my street who said they are fertile - they're due on the 21st May, my brothers birthday. Because of that and already having 12 bantam eggs in my Octagon 10, I needed another incubator so my friend Lee saved the day + lend me his!

Then, I was on eBay and saw an MS Broedmachine incubator for sale on there. They're the best you can buy, made in the Netherlands and so don't often come up for sale... so I kinda bought it!

Is in Nottingham so ma friend at Uni there has collected it for me and I'll go pick it up.
One of these:

Annie, one of my Pekins, was on 3 eggs due this weekend but only one has hatched so far - a Speckled Sussex x Araucana which if is a girl should lay green eggs. Not sure if the other 2 will hatch late or not at all.

I've got my brooder ready for the quail chicks too (if they hatch)!
Is a Hagen Vision bird cage (a bit like eglu's for budgies!) which has a deeper tray than my indoor rabbit cages so should keep them warm. I've got a big double height Vision Cage for my Diamond Doves and really like them!

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