Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Exotics at the Vets

Had another good day at the Vets today!
Was Lambing at the Uni farm 'til half 6 so only had an hour + half sleep but wasn't too bad!

First thing we had a bitch in who needed a caesarian. Glesnie the vet got them out then Nerys, the vet nurse, and I rubbed them in towels to get them breathing. I got to inect the bitch with antibiotic + painkiller. Then the puppies went in a box with a hot water bottle, so cute!
They look like little Rottweilers but are actually King Charles Spaniels!

Then had another cavalier in who needed syringe feeding with A/D and Glucose rehydration liquid so I did that a few times throughout the day - another first!

I watched a few op's - dog castrate, dog dental and had a cat with a big tumor on his face which needed looking at and X-rays.

We had Toby the German Shepherd in for X-rays to look at his hips for hip scoring. He's only 5 months old and the breeder said the parents were hip scored but he was really bad so not sure how true that is...

A vet and nurse had to go out to pick up a dog - a Neapolitan Mastiff, who doesn't like men. I wasn't going to mess with a dog that big so kept out the way for that one! ;)

Later on this afternoon I was in seeing consults with John; we had a 47 year old Amazon parrot with a dodgy eye, could have been bad conjunctivitis or the eye had ruptured. Gave local anaesthetic and antibiotic eye drops and it opened up.
We were meant to have a snake in which I was looking forward to but they didn't show up!
Like seeing all the more common animals but really like exotics - the parrot was really interesting, I was surprised at how old it was!

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