Sunday, June 20, 2010

BBC Gardeners' World 2010

Second day at the Omlet stand at BBC Gardeners World and Good Food Show today :)
Up early and got to the NEC for about half 8 - I already had my ID pass so could just walk in and set up the stand.
Today I was working with George from Omlet who delivers their housing all over the UK, Sarah (who I already know) and Karen who I've spoken to on the forum.

Between us we sold two Cubes, a Classic and a Go - mine were the pink Classic and green Go so was happy with that.

We saw some other friends off the forum there too; DebC, Emma and Cheryl!
Then Louise from the turkey farm's sister came and asked about fitting turkeys in an eglu - I think George was a bit shocked but then realised I knew them!

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