Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back at the vets

I've been at the vets in Bourneville today.
Surgeries this morning, then I sat in on consults this afternoon with Andy one of the vets.
There were cat dentals, and one had 2 teeth removed.
There was a tom cat thats been in for a week with bladder problems that hasn't been passing water, so they performed a perineal utherotstomy - a cut is made around the cats penis and using forceps, slowly forcing away the tissue to get to the muscle, then carrying on another few cm's. The muscle is cut, and as the catheter is left in the urethra, a cut is made down the urethra, catheter removed, and once the urethra is wide enough to pass water, it is sutured to the skin to form an opening wider than the penis for the cat to pass water. The end of the penis is removed, and the urethra sutured all the way around the skin - it was really delicate surgery to watch.

This afternoon was routine vaccinations, booster vaccinations and post op check ups.

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