Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've been at VetSim at Nottingham Uni this week. Jen drove us up on Tuesday and we came back on Friday (I'm writing this at home after the week).It was a really good course, completely different to Vet-Medlink because it was a practical course, not lecture based.
When we got there they gave us scrubs and a stethoscope, I bought the upgraded one with 2 tubes and more interchangeable heads.
We had an introduction to VetSim then a keyhole surgery lecture with the same man that did The Edge at Vet-Medlink. Laparoscopic surgery is better because its has shorter recovery time and minimally invasive, but there is more risk of a problem as you can only see such a small space meaning its often a longer operation.
In the evening we had an Ethics lecture which was really interesting and the lecturer really made you think quite about your actions and decision in different situations.

After that we had a lecture about the Use of the Stethoscope until 11pm with a lot of information about different heart beats in different animals - rate, rhythm and amplitude; the one thing I thought was strange, was that we didn't touch our stethoscopes during the whole lecture!

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