Saturday, November 24, 2007

Santa Clause is coming to .. the farm

Right, I officially know its nearly Christmas now because Santa is at the farm! XD
I got there at 8.40 - I was late because the lane has been shut because of road works so I had to walk down, I told Greg and he went and put up diversion signs for customers.
We cleaned out the pigs and gave them all their food and water really quickly then rushed to do the goats waters. I did the first sit-ons and not many people came so I had to go looking for them - I think Santa is more exciting than Me + Diamond :( and Dolly wasn't even there because she's starring in the Nativity!
The goat kids, Jacob sheep + Dolly have all been moved down to be in the Nativity scene where the children act it all out then sing to wake up Santa. I remember doing it when I was little, used to be so much fun!!
I cleaned out the duck pond with my Santa hat on and had a little audience aswell!
We had quite a big clean up of all the goats, sheep, chickens and quail and swept the whole farm for all the Christmassy visitors we're expecting. I fed and watered all the chickens which was good.
Durng the sit-ons after lunch there were children all gathered around Rudolph + Prancer the Reindeers' paddock singing to them and rattling their jingle bells - then we had a massive swarm of people come over to us.
We did some lamb walking and the lambs are getting really strong - a bit too strong so we had 2 children on each lead, and as we started to walk back from the play area to the sheep building Lavender and Boy George went crazy and started running, the children couldn't keep up so we told them to let go and the lambs ran straight back into their pens :)
More sit ons, I took Lady Sarah down to the field, cleaned out her stable and left at 4.15.

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