Friday, April 17, 2009

Lambing - Day 6

Back again at quarter to 9. When I go there, John and Lucy were just taking some new lambs out of the big pens and into the smaller pens, so I helped them to do that - when they were in we gave them Spectam and Iodine on their navel. When that was all done, we bedded down the big and little pens with straw, and then topped up the hayracks and waters. We fed all of the sheep with corn and then gave the cade lambs some milk.
Wobbly William the deformed lamb is still alive and is standing up today, so that had some milk, and so did the other 2 of the triplets.

Some of the older stronger lambs and the ewes were sent out to the field in the trailer, so that freed up a few pens.
While John was taking the sheep we had a bit of a sort out and moved the ewes which were still in lamb into one of the other big pens, so they only take up 3 pens now so the other is used for the stronger lambs.

We went round and rubber ringed the lambs and trimmed the ewes feet and gave them all ID numbers. I took a few photos of all the things we used:

Rubber Castration Rings

Castration Pliers
Marking Spray
Foot Trimmers Terramycin - used if you cut the ewe's foot


When we'd finished had lunch. Afterwards we went and checked all of the sheep had hay and water, then bottle fed the lambs again.

We moved the newborn lambs into new pens, and did some more rubber ringing and trimming of the ewes feet.

One of the single lamb ewes which had been put back in the big pen was limping on her front right foot. We caught her and John trimmed the foot back more and she had a bit of a sore in between her foot. We sprayed it with Terramycin and hopefully she'll be ok.

We went around again and gave everyone fresh hay and water, fed all of the sheep and then bottle fed the lambs. I left just after 4 o'clock.

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