Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vet's Interview

I've just been for an interview at a Vets around the corner from me, and I start some time next Spring :D
I sat down with the owner (Phil) and he just asked about my Work Experience and what I've learned from it; Was I confident with horses? - they had 3 heavies, 2 horses and 3 ponies at the last farm I worked at; and then about some of the other things I do, like mentoring and charity work.

He had a flick through my Work Experience folder aswell, and asked about a few things I'd done on work experience which I explained.
They showed me around the practise and then the stables which are being built and then they said I can join the team.
It's a brand new practice, which is still being built at the moment, and they are due to open in April next year.
I think it will be a mixed practice, with a planned Artificial Insemination
unit for horses on the side.
They are building a stable block to house 3 horses, they have a few paddocks, and they're also having a "menage" area to exercise the horses and observe them in.
It should be good fun, and they seem like really nice people! So far they've found a vet nurse, and are still looking for a graduate vet, so we should all start around the same time next year, which will be really good as we can get to know each other as the practise gets going.
It will be really interesting to watch the practise be completed, and then be there when it opens, I can start to see it to become a functioning practice.

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