Saturday, May 5, 2007

Horsing around

8.30-5 day at Ash End and Sam is back :D Vicky wasn't there so I'm not sure if last week as a bit too hectic for her!!
We did the usual sheep + goats hays, water and straw and then went and gave the pigs some water. We did the morning horse sit-ons and after that I had to go and clean all the horse tacks and tidy the horse feed store because theres a Shite Horse day on Monday. It took ages to do with a damp cloth because it was all thick with dust and mud and they are really detailed.
I learnt where everything goes on the horse. Me + Sam went round to feed and water all the horses.
We had lunch, did some more sit-ons and took out the heavy horses, I took out Samson :) After that we did a big clean out of the stables and made them all fresh so they look good for Monday - but I'm sure they'll need doing again tomorrow!
Me + Paddy:

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